/streNT, strenT/ noun
1 PHYSICAL STRENGTH (U) the physical power and energy that makes someone strong: It took Susan weeks to regain her strength after the illness. | the strength to do sth: I don't have the strength to climb any further. | with all your strength: Diana pulled on the rope with all her strength. | not know your own strength (=not realize how strong you are)
—see also: outgrow your strength outgrow (4)
2 OF AN OBJECT (U) how strong an object or structure is, especially its ability to last for a long time without breaking
(+ of): I have doubts about the strength of that beam in the ceiling.
3 OF CHARACTER (U) the ability to deal with difficult or unpleasant situations in a brave or determined way: moral strength | strength to do sth: Where did you find the strength to keep trying? | strength of character (=strong ability to deal with difficult situations): the underlying strength of character behind Roosevelt's easy charm | inner strength (=strength of spirit): His troubles have bred in him an inner strength he'll never lose.
—see also: tower of strength tower 1 (3)
4 OF FEELING/BELIEF/RELATIONSHIP (U) how strong a feeling, belief, or relationship is
(+ of): We can't ignore the strength of public opinion. | the strength of family bonds | strength of feeling: Don't underestimate the strength of feeling that the abortion issue will generate. | strength of purpose (=determination): I began to feel my strength of purpose failing me.
5 POLITICAL/MILITARY/ECONOMIC (U) political, military or economic power
(+ of): the strength of the US economy | a show of strength (=an occasion when a country shows how powerful its army etc is)
6 OF A SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE (C, U) how strong a substance or mixture is: The drug is available in two strengths. | full-strength/half-strength/double-strength etc: acid diluted to half-strength
7 USEFUL QUALITY OR ABILITY (C) a particular quality or ability that gives someone or something an advantage: The great strength of our plan lies in its simplicity.
8 position of strength a position where you have an advantage over someone, especially in discussions: If we keep our nuclear weapons, we can negotiate from a position of strength.
9 OF A TEAM/ARMY ETC (U) the number of people in a team, army etc: below strength: The police force is below strength at the moment. | in strength (=in large numbers)
10 OF MONEY (U) the value of a country's money
(+ of): the strength of the dollar on the international money markets
11 COLOUR/LIGHT (U) how strong a light or colour is: the strength of the beam of light
12 OF A WIND/CURRENT (U) how strong a wind or current of water is
13 go from strength to strength to have one success after another: Since the advent of the personal computer, the software industry has gone from strength to strength.
14 on the strength of sth because of something that persuaded you: I bought the book on the strength of your recommendation.
15 give me strength spoken used when you are annoyed or angry about something
strengthen /'streNTn, 'strenTn/ verb
1 FEELING/BELIEF/RELATIONSHIP (I, T) to become stronger or make something stronger: Our friendship has steadily strengthened over the years. | strengthen sth: Steve's opposition only strengthened her resolve to go ahead.
2 TEAM/ARMY ETC (T) to make an organization, army etc more powerful, especially by increasing the number or quality of the people in it: The team has been strengthened by the arrival of two Brazilian players.
3 MONEY (I, T) to increase in value or to increase the value of money: The pound has strengthened against other currencies.
4 FINANCIAL SITUATION (T) to improve the financial situation of a country or company: measures to strengthen the economy
5 STRUCTURE (T) to make something physically or structurally stronger: Metal supports were added to strengthen the outer walls.
6 PROOF/REASON (T) to give support to a reason or an attempt to prove something: Evidence from independent witnesses would greatly strengthen your case.
7 WIND/CURRENT (I) to increase in force: The wind had strengthened during the night.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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